Provide evidence that your product or service is different from the competition.

What is Social Proof?

B2B purchases are often complex and high-stakes, and buyers may be hesitant to take a risk on a new vendor.

Social proof can help reduce that risk by providing evidence that others have successfully worked with your brand and achieved positive outcomes.

B2B buyers want to work with vendors who are experts in their field. Social proof, such as thought leadership content or industry awards, can help demonstrate your expertise and differentiate your brand from competitors.

Content should include:

Testimonials / case studies from customers who fit the target market
Next action you want the visitors to take...
Testimonials from high-profile media
Impressive metrics that summarize the popularity of the product / service

Design Principles:

Target audience / media in testimonials is specific & authentic.
All testimonials / case studies are easily verifiable
Great visual hierachy
Easy to understand